English in a World of Strangers:

Rethinking World Anglophone Studies


Goethe University Frankfurt, 21-24 May, 2020


Dear conference participants,
Because of the rapidly increasing pace of the Corona crisis, travel restrictions that are either already in place or expected soon in many countries of the world, and a ban on all meetings at Goethe University until (at least) the end of April, we have decided to cancel the GAPS 2020 Conference in Frankfurt this morning.
We are sure that you are as surprised as we are how thoroughly our private lifeworlds as well as our professional environments have changed over the last few weeks and are now being transformed from day to day because of the Corona pandemic. This is an unprecedented crisis, and since we need to protect ourselves and each other, no other decision is possible.
Please take the time to read the following important items of follow-up information.
Conference fees: We will refund all conference fees (including payments made for lunches and the conference dinner) in the next few weeks. Please give us some time to get organized in this respect and refrain from emailing us individually; if you should not have received your reimbursement by mid-April, please let us know.
GAPS Membership fees: GAPS is willing to reimburse conference participants who took out a GAPS membership expressly to present a paper at the GAPS 2020 conference. If you continue to be interested in the work of GAPS, you are of course cordially invited to remain a member. Please contact GAPS for any queries concerning GAPS membership.
Any other expenses incurred by conference participants: Unfortunately, we will not be able to cover any other expenses that conference participants have already incurred in preparation of their conference trip.
Publication: based on the abstracts received, we will contact individual colleagues to find out whether they are interested in contributing to a thematic volume edited by the conference organizers. You will hear from us by mid-April at the latest. We are sad that we will not have the chance to meet you in person in Frankfurt this May, but we are very much looking forward to cooperating with some of you in the publication of the thematic volume, and we hope that we will meet again in other places in safer times.
Best wishes from Frankfurt,
Pavan Malreddy and Frank Schulze-Engler

31st Annual Conference of the Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien / GAPS)

Goethe University Frankfurt, 21-24 May, 2020

Keynote Speakers and Writers:
Arundhati Roy,* Sinan Antoon, Kim Scott, Patrice Nganang, Zukiswa Wanner

In an increasingly globalized world characterized by multipolar power structures, transcultural flows and interlaced digital pathways, English has long since become a worldly language. A whole universe of discourse predicated on the question of who owns English has been thrown into doubt: more than a billion people worldwide ‘do’ English in new and often unexpected ways, and anglophone literatures and cultures all over the world have become veritable contact zones characterized by multilingualism, trans-languaging and syncretic language practices.

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